I started my commercial photography business, John Blake Photography (seemed like an easy name to remember), in 1985 following a position as staff photographer at the Greeley, CO Tribune newspaper. My first clients were contacts I had made while at the newspaper that were familiar with the quality of my work. The subject matter of my photos was people photographed in a photojournalistic style. I attended workshops in Maine and California while at the newspaper to develop a good foundation of studio and location lighting skills.

My services have included digital imaging in one form or another for the past 10 years, I have worked as a digital service bureau for graphic designers doing scanning, RGB to CMYK conversions, color corrections, and print outputs. Getting accurate color on press proofs and inkjet prints is not a mystery to me as I have been studying color management with a passion the past eight years. I use a highly accurate color profiled system.

For the past three years the vast majority of my jobs have been photographed with professional quality digital cameras. Many of my jobs are shot tethered to a laptop computer allowing instant visual feedback. My clients love seeing the image seconds after it is shot and it allows us to discuss the progress of the shoot with few misunderstandings. I still shoot 4x5 film for some architectural and product jobs.

My hobbies include tropical fish, astrophotography (can't get away from photography) and traveling in Europe with my wife Janelle.

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